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Curtain Cleaning in Sutton SM1

Curtain Cleaning in  Local Cleaners Sutton SM1 is offering you the best drapery and curtain cleaning for your home and office, no waiting or deposits required, just give us a call and we can be at your doorstep within the hour. Enjoy high-quality cleaning as well as:

  • Curtain Sun ray protection
  • Quality cleaning guarantee
  • Flexible cleaning schedules
  • All rates are fixed
  • Non-stop customer support

For fast drying we are offering you a special curtain drying method which reduces the drying time 75%. Call our dedicated team at 020 3746 8215 and ask about our air movers.

About Our Curtain Cleaning

Our team covers the cleaning of: natural and synthetic fibers, silk, cotton, wool, woven, blends, vinyl, polyurethane, Kashmir, satin and a lot more.

Steam cleaning in Sutton – this is a mobile version of the method we use to clean carpets and rugs, offering you a more flexible cleaning for your curtains and their lining. Because of how the machine works, we are no longer required to take the curtains down, but rather we are able to now clean them as they are. This reduces the cleaning time as well as the overall stress on the fibers, altogether reducing wrinkling. We use a special attachment on our high powered steam jet machine to clean the fibers vertically, injecting them with a steam and detergent mixture, and immediately removing everything along with 95% of the moisture used in the cleaning process.

Dry cleaning in Sutton – this is a very good way of cleaning natural fabrics that would otherwise get damaged by water or heat. Silk and cotton are a few of the many fibrous materials that we can clean with our special dry detergent, however, to properly cleanse it we have to clean it on a flat surface, meaning we cannot clean it vertically. Once we safely take the curtain down, we apply a dry detergent and embed it into the textile with a brush so it binds with the stain, removing it fully from the fibers, dissolving any of its pigments. We draw everything out with a strong vacuum machine leaving the curtain free of stains, odours and dust. This fully rejuvenates the curtain on a deep level, giving it new life and making its colours look more vivid and alive.

Choosing the Finest Curtain Cleaning

We have many years of experience in the filed, and during that time we’ve managed to clean over 10.000 households in Sutton each quarter, making a lot of people happy and satisfied with our work. Be one of them and take advantage of the great deals that we have going on as well as the ones coming up.

Booking Your Curtain Cleaning in Sutton

Booking Local Cleaners Sutton can be done instantly by calling us at 020 3746 8215, there our 24/7 customer care team will take care of any details like scheduling, booking and even special deals and offers. Ask about our free quote and get one today, with an up-to-date information and precise estimations.