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Expert Mattress Cleaning Sutton SM1

Mattress Cleaning in  Want bed bugs and stains handled fully? Don’t want to mortgage your home to pay for it? Our team of experts is capable of removing even the nastiest of infestations, deal with stains and even odours all at a good. Call us today and get:

  • Bio-friendly mattress cleaning
  • 100% bed bug and dust mite removal
  • No additional fees
  • Full insurance coverage
  • Money back guarantee

For your safety and well-being we use all of the finest detergents and state of the art machinery, to not only guarantee the results we are known for, but also provide you with a healthier home. Call Local Cleaners Sutton on 020 3746 8215 and get your special offer for mattress cleaning.

Our Service in Sutton

As a part of our expertise, we are able to clean: spring mattresses, regular mattresses, duvets, pillows, memory foam, orthopedic and anti-bacterial mattress pads.

Our Mattress Cleaning Methods

U.V lights mattress cleaning in Sutton – we looked for the safest, least intrusive way of cleaning your mattress an we found that using ultraviolet light bulbs to radiate the mattress is the most effective way of removing bacterial colonies, bed bug and dust mites infestations and even deal with odour producing fungi. Often used in laboratories as chemical free way of sterilizing clothing and equipment, even entire rooms, this procedure is extremely safe for humans. We’ve even optimized it to minimize the damage of the fibers and colours with 99%, offering you a very good way of cleaning. Once the lights have done their work, we use strong vacuum to draw all of the carcasses and fecal matter from the bugs our, leaving none behind.

Steam mattress cleaning in Sutton – this steam treatment offers you a good alternative to the U.V lights treatment, with the ability to remove stains and kill off bacteria, while still having some limited success against dust mites and bed bugs. Most of the time its used as a follow up procedure, giving clients a nice smelling finish, fully rejuvenating their mattresses at a lost than getting a brand new one. We use a special attachment to remove stains and smells from the mattress as well as extract dead skin cells and from the surface and base of the mattress. We use steam and a chosen detergent to get the best results, with full extraction of all of the filth and up to 95% of the moisture used in the cleaning, with the rest left to be air dried.

Choose the Recognised Provider in Sutton

We are giving you a 100% success rate guarantee and safety insurance, with supervision from our very own managers. We will do a follow up check up to ensure that we’ve done everything as planned, giving you a 6 month no bug guarantee.Choose us and get professional mattress cleaning in Sutton

Call Local Cleaners Sutton

Call us at 020 3746 8215 and we will handle all of the fine details of the booking your mattress cleaning service, along with scheduling, giving you advice on what to book and what works best for your current situation and so and so forth. Call today and get a great on your first order, do a combined booking and get up to 15% of discounts.