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A rating of our services

Reviewed by Kotrupash Kaushal on Aug 13, 2015

I’ve had this company clean for me before, and I have to say, for the 3 years that we’ve had working relations, I have never been disappointed. Their cleaners are on time, they clean well and they do it ad a good price. This is what capitalism should be like, a good price or a good service, not an overpriced, over hyped group of people looking to gyp you out of your money. I will definitely recommend them to anyone looked to get their money’s worth.

A rating of our services

Reviewed by Mirnan Orwell on Feb 4, 2015

I am more than satisfied with their work, wow, what a great deal I got, and the cleaning was on a weekend. The thing that got me hooked on Local Cleaners Sutton was their ability to actually listen to my demands, not say they did and then go off and do whatever they feel like. I’ve never once had to ask them to clean again, that speaks volumes.

A rating of our services

Reviewed by Terry Jones on Oct 2, 2014

Caring for 3 children and my mother has a toll on a person, I can’t really spend any time cleaning the house so I need outside help. Luckily with Local Cleaners Sutton it doesn’t seem so foreign, we’ve worked together so long that it feels like they are family. I have a regular customer’s discount and their already value treatments become almost free…almost. I can wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone looking for a good service that they can trust.

A rating of our services

Reviewed by Saraj Kumar on Apr 17, 2014

I can’t really complain about the cleaning, but the customer service could have been better. I am giving a 3 star review because for me the cleaning, while important, can sometimes be overshadowed by the attitude I get on the phone. Other than that these guys are pretty good, just watch out for grumpy call center operators.

A rating of our services

Reviewed by Joshua Roams on Dec 20, 2013

I was one of the people who initially trusted this company and has stuck with it through thick and thin, this is my 3rd time leaving a review and I cannot praise them enough. Great attitude, fantastic prices and overall great way of handling their business, with a legacy of more than 10 years it’s hard not to book them.

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