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Rug Cleaning in  Get risk free rug cleaning done by a team of veteran professional cleaners, and a quality cleaning guarantee each time we visit. Book regularly and enjoy a wide range of discounts and ways t save money while getting your exotic rugs cleaned. You will also enjoy:

  • Spotless finish each time
  • Conditioner included in the price
  • Professional attitude
  • No delays
  • Deposit-free scheduling

Your rugs will enjoy a longer lifespan if regularly treated with out special detergent Scotchgard. Made to promote a healthier home, this cleaning agent protects the fibers of your rugs from further dirt and stain accumulation, saving you time and money as well as prolonging the life of the rug itself. Call 020 3746 8215 whenever you want and get your free quote from our experienced team 24/7.

Our Service in Sutton

Our veteran rug cleaning team specializes in the care and maintenance of: Oriental, Persian, Venetian, Turkish, Kilim, natural and synthetic, sisal, vinyl, acrylic, silk, cotton, blends and a lot more.

Rug Cleaning Methods

Steam cleaning in Sutton – this is a suitable treatment for stain and odour removal found on synthetic rugs. These types of materials are more durable and can withstand the heat and moisture used as cleaning mechanics. The treatment uses a wide range of detergent which gives it a good treatment coverage and a wide stain removal capability which is its specialty. The heat disintegrates the particles and removes the stain from the fibers of the rug, while the pressure dislodged any final particles making it easier for us to extract them using a strong vacuum machine. To achieve the best results we use a combination of detergent and steam jet, injecting the mixture into the fibers of the rug, after which all of the filth and moisture are extracted immediately using a very powerful vacuum machine.

Dry cleaning in Sutton – this a prefer cleaning technique when treating natural fibred rugs, exotic area rugs or Persian pieces that need to be preserve to their fullest. This is a good match because it does not use any water or heat as cleaning, which means that it is a 100% safe for silk, cotton, Kashmir and even sisal. The detergent itself we apply with a fine brush on the affected area, this is done so the particles of the detergent bind with those of the stain and filth, making them heavier and easier for us to extract with a strong vacuum machine. Once imbedded we wait for 10 minutes for a reaction and extract everything, leaving no trace of the stain behind.

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Local Cleaners Sutton has been around for quite a while, and during that time we’ve managed to make a lot households in Sutton, London clean, and a lot of families happy. We will be glad if yours became one of the 10,000 families we clean for every quarter. Enjoy good deals with proper rug cleaning and a friendly attitude, all just a phone call away.

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Call Local Cleaners Sutton on 020 3746 8215 and get book your service today, for immediate cleaning or scheduled rug care. You can also book by filling in the easy booking form, or you can also rely on the instant chat room if not in the mood to talk. We are available 24/7 for enquiry and booking, with flexible booking hours each day.